Air India Flight Tickets
Air India is one of the most respected and oldest airlines in India. It was founded in the year 1932 in the month of June about 86 years ago although it became operational in October same year. The rise of this airline has been nothing short of phenomenal as it began with carrying air mail from Karachi to madras via Mumbai and slowly began carrying more passengers and mails covering more and more routes. On IRCTC Air website one can easily check Air India seat availability and Air India flight fare.
Travelers can book a flight, check flight status, book a hotel, do web check in, redeem miles, check flight schedules, see domestic fares and penalties and check current flight timetable to manage their trip. IRCTC Air offers a lot of information that assists you in travel. It displays flight details, fare details, baggage policy and cancellation policy so that passengers have everything they need to know before taking a trip. Discover 37 international and 69 domestic destinations across 4 continents with Air India Flight tickets.
IRCTC Air allows you to book Air India flight tickets by selecting Air India as your preferred airlines. Simply enter the destination you are flying to, the place you are flying from, departure date, arrival date, class of travel and the airlines you would to travel in. Once you click on search you will be able to check all Air India flights which are travelling on the selected route for your particular dates.
Below are the features that have made Air India popular with travelers.
1)Fleet Air India boasts of an impressive fleet that carries passengers with utmost ease and comfort. Boeing 747-400, 777-200,777-300 are in a three-class configuration used for long haul flights. Other than Air India uses Airbus A320 for domestic and short haul international flights with a two class or full economy configuration.
2)Frequent Flyer Program Air India air tickets allow passengers to accumulate travel points/miles on their journey and then redeem those for travel on partner airlines.
3)In flight entertainment Air India flight seat availability is much sought after because it is equipped with Thales i3000 in-flight entertainment system. It allows passengers to choose from 5 Hindi and English channels. Other than this showtime and Shubh yatra magazines are also available in flight.
4)Premium Lounges First and business class passengers can access exclusive Maharaja Lounge available at few airports in the world. Other than this Air India shares lounges with international airlines that do not have a maharaja lounge available so that passengers can relax at length while waiting for their flights or someone they have to meet.
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