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Looking for international flights from India to the UK? Your search comes to an end with IRCTC Air. One of the most reliable and user friendly ticket booking platforms, IRCTC Air offers a convenient way to book domestic and international flight tickets anytime, anywhere. Why wait for travel agents when you can search, compare and book flights from the comfort of your home. Simply become an IRCTC Air user today and enjoy a world of benefits. Want to know how you can book flight tickets to any place in India or the world? Read on.

Whether you want to book Mumbai to UK flight or Chennai to UK flight or international flights to UK from India, or an Ahmedabad to UK flight or Amritsar to UK flight or Delhi to UK flight or Bangalore to UK flight, you can do it easily on IRCTC Air. Simply follow the steps below.

How to Book International Flights from India to the UK on IRCTC Air.

In just a few minutes, your international flight will be booked at the best price. On IRCTC Air, we not only provide users the convenience of a simple and hassle-free booking but also offer a world of perks ranging from multiple payment options to round-the-clock customer service. Take a look at them in more detail.

Benefits of Booking Flights on IRCTC Air

After looking at these amazing benefits, you wouldn’t ever book flight tickets from elsewhere. So, become an IRCTC Air user today and avail all these perks on the easy-to-use website or mobile app. Once you enter the travel destination and fill in all the required details, you will be redirected to a new web page with all the flight options. Depending on your budget and travel plan, you can easily find a flight that is most suitable for your journey. To get more refined results, you can also use filters such as day time, night time, number of layovers, etc. so that you get the best results in a jiffy. Booking international flights to UK from India has now become so simple and hassle-free with IRCTC Air’s easy interface. If you are worried about sharing your personal information and card details online, then you can rest assured that IRCTC Air is one of the most reliable and trustworthy travel booking sites. Although we offer a wide range of payment options for the user’s convenience, the payment gateway is extremely secure. So, share all the details without any worry and book international flight tickets at the best price.

IRCTC Air features many Indian and international airlines to give users a wide range of options for booking tickets. And if you have a preferred airline, then you can select it while entering the travel details and book your ticket in a matter of minutes. Travelling to a different country in a post-pandemic world comes with its set of challenges. At least, your travel booking shouldn’t be one of them. Keeping this in mind, IRCTC Air offers its users the most seamless and smooth online air ticket booking process. Apart from this, round-the-clock customer service is also provided. If you need assistance with the booking, you can simply call us on this toll-free number 1800 110 139. You can also write to our customer support team at and someone will get back to you within 12 hours of your inquiry. IRCTC Air follows a simple booking, cancellation and refunds systems. In case your travel plans change, you can modify or even cancel your booking quite easily and get quick refunds.

About United Kingdom

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the United Kingdom is endowed with beautiful natural scenery, rich heritage and cultural diversity. Once a super power, the country continues to enjoy immense popularity among the masses. Whether you want to travel to the United Kingdom for business or for leisure, you can easily book international flights from India at a reasonable price. Some of the most popular cities in the UK are:


There are so many impressive tourist attraction sites and exciting things to do, it’s one of the most visited cities worldwide. You can start with Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Shard and the London Skyline. Visit the Tower of London, it is one of the magnificent World Heritage Sites. After that take a walk across Tower Bridge and watch the beautiful Thames River.


One of the UK’s smaller cities, it still has a multitude of things to do. Located in the Avon valley between Cotswolds and the Mendip Hills. Enjoy the magnificent architecture, garden, and museums. You should also attend the Bath International Music Festival if you get a chance. The city is popularly known for its honey-colored Georgian Houses which are preserved pretty well.


Visit the Royal Albert Dock known as the first such facility in Britain to be built using only bricks and iron. It is also home to several tourist attractions i.e., Beatles Story, Cavern Club, the International Slavery Museum, Border force Museum, Tate Gallery, etc. The most popular thing to do includes the U-boat story, which depicts life aboard a submarine during wartime, and the intriguing Western Approaches Museum. Check out the Pier Head which includes the Three Graces namely: the port of Liverpool Building, the Cunard Building, and the Royal Liver Building.


Edinburgh is one of the mesmerising cities majorly known for its pristine Edinburgh Castle. Explore the historic sites such as Royal Mile, and gaze at the fine architecture, art galleries, and amazing old Palace of Holyroodhouse. The fine palace is the home of Scottish royal history. There are more things that you can do which include National Museum Scotland, visiting the National Monument, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, taste the finest dreams at the Johnnie Walker Princess Street which is a must-visit destination.

From business prospects to educational opportunities, from sightseeing spots to shopping sprees, there is plenty this amazing country has to offer. It is no wonder then that many Indians travel to this fascinating place every year. If you too want to discover its myriad aspects, then book your international flight tickets from India to the United Kingdom at the best price only on IRCTC Air. To book Mumbai to UK flight or Chennai to UK flight or international flights to UK from India, or an Ahmedabad to UK flight or Amritsar to UK flight or Delhi to UK flight or Bangalore to UK flight, get your hands on the IRCTC Air app today and book your flight with ease. 


You can book flights from Mumbai to multiple destinations in the UK without any hassle on IRCTC Air. To book your Mumbai to UK flight today, download the IRCTC Air app from Google Play Store/ App Store.

If you want to get your hands on the cheapest tickets from Chennai to London, then all you need to do is visit the IRCTC Air app or website and book an international flight from Chennai to the UK at the lowest convenience charge.

The cheapest airfare from Amritsar to London will vary depending on whether you opt for a direct flight or a connecting one. But irrespective of your preference, you can rest assured that you will get the cheapest Amritsar to UK flight on IRCTC Air along with several other benefits.

It is quite easy to book cheap flight tickets from Ahmedabad to any destination in the UK. Simply get on the IRCTC Air app or website and book your flight from Ahmedabad to the UK at the lowest convenience fee.

Multiple airlines offer flights from Bangalore to the UK and many flights take off from Bangalore to different destinations across the United Kingdom. You can book your Bangalore to UK flight easily on the IRCTC Air app or website.

Air India and Vistara have the maximum number of flights from India to the UK. You can book your international flight on their airlines easily on IRCTC Air.

Several domestic and international airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Etihad Airlines, GoFirst, Indigo, Emirates, etc. offer international flights between India and the UK. To book your flight, download the IRCTC Air app today.

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