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Are you looking for cheap international flights from India to Japan or want a one-way trip to New Jersey for your next holiday? Maybe you're looking for cheap flight tickets or simply want to get to your destination faster. IRCTC Air helps make that happen by bringing you affordable international flight booking options.
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At IRCTC Air, we pride ourselves in bringing you airlines that cater to your specific requirements. Generally speaking, every airline offers three classes for booking seats when it comes to travelling. First class flights are the most expensive but offer maximum comfort. If you are looking for easy access to various amenities onboard the airline, lounge service, customized meals, and more - then first class flight tickets are ideal. Business class flights are booked by those who don't mind the prices but are on a tight schedule. If you need to go from New Jersey to the Philippines on a short notice or want direct flights from one country to the next, you might prefer this option.
Economy class flights are the most affordable option, although they may not give you luxurious amenities unlike the other two classes. Travellers who have the time and are on a budget prefer booking economy class airline tickets. When you fly with IRCTC Air, you also enjoy additional benefits such as free travel insurance coverage of up to Rs 50 lacs and a very nominal convenience fee for booking online flight tickets. There are also over 50 different payment options available for booking flight tickets online, thus making travelling on the go very convenient. Special flight packages are like the Shirdi flight packages, Andaman and Kerala packages, and many more exclusive offers are hosted on the platform. These help you cut down costs and make the most of your vacations, especially for those who want to explore the beauty of India.
Top Domestic Airlines
Travelling to different cities and exploring the beauty of India is the dream of many. IRCTC makes it a reality by offering travellers the lowest fare tickets for domestic flights. Say goodbye to overhead charges and hidden fees by going through agencies and third-party services and experience what truly saving money on your journeys feels like. We have exclusive discounts on our flight tickets depending on the season and you can access all your flight information on our platform.
Our major airlines are Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Air India and IndiGo for travellers who are on a budget. The flight timings and schedules are easily accessible online and we also offer affordable flight tour packages for those who are looking for something more. Cheap domestic flight packages from Mumbai to Delhi, Delhi to Goa, Bangalore to Delhi, and various other routes are available.
Those who travel through IRCTC enjoy the luxury of booking tickets according to their budget. There are many filters available on our website that let you decide the price range, travel itinerary options, and amenities for the flights. If you need flights with free WiFi and customized meals, you can use the search engine on our website to look them up. We work with popular airlines to bring you the best domestic flights throughout the country.
Domestic Airlines Serviced By Us
For most travellers, choosing a reliable domestic airline means getting the best value for money and the right services. We work with trusted domestic airline flight providers throughout India.
Air India = Run by the Indian Government, Air India is an economical flight carrier operating since 2005. With a fleet of over 108 aircrafts, it is a popular choice among travellers due to its comfortable seating arrangement and competitive ticket pricing.
Indigo Airlines - Indigo Airlines started its operations in India in 2006 and since then has grown.. Ranked #1 in India, it has 86 aircrafts that serve up to over 5 million passengers every year. We have many offers on Indigo flights on our platform.
Vistara - Vistara Airlines is based in Gurgaon and has its main hub located at Indira Gandhi International Airport. It's a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines and was established in January 2015. Over 10 million passengers have flown through Vistara till June 2018 since the day of its inception and it's also the only airline to offer premium economy seats for domestic flight bookings.
Air Asia - Air Asia is a low-cost air carrier operating from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Asia. It services both domestic and international flights across 25 countries with over 165 destinations. SkyTrex hailed it as the 'World's Best Low-Cost Airline' according to New Straits Times in April 2013 and the airline has generated a revenue of USD 1.58 billion since 2013.
SpiceJet - SpiceJet is headquartered in Delhi and services over 209+ flights on a daily basis across 40 destinations. The airline provides international flights to 4 destinations and caters to domestic flights mainly. Complimentary meals are not provided on-board the flight but what sets SpiceJet apart from other domestic flight carriers are its lucrative premium services such as priority baggage handling and the ability to pre-assign seats. Customers flying via SpiceJet airlines will have the option of purchasing meals separately when on-board their flight.
Top International Airlines
Business travellers and students travel to international countries for various reasons. From landing that prestigious job to an internship that can change your life. travelling from India to another country for the first time may feel daunting. IRCTC Air streamlines the process and makes it easy for you to book the lowest fare international flights. We offer affordable international flight booking options for travelling from California to New Jersey, Washington to Illinois, India to the United States, Japan to the United Kingdom (UK), and India to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Direct international flights are available and for those who are travelling on a flexible schedule, there are international flight offers with multiple stopovers. If you are travelling on a budget, these can be a steal deal and you can make the most of your time as well. Booking direct flight tickets from India to France or any other country is the fastest way to reach your destination, and the price is worth it.
International Airlines Serviced By Us
Taking an international flight means travelling with class and comfort. You want to make sure you reach your destination on time and enjoy a smooth travelling experience. Below is a list of the international airlines we work with to bring you the best international flights around the world.
Emirates - Emirates is a popular international airline operating throughout the Middle East. They offer various commercial flight packages and have a fleet of 240+ aircrafts.
Lufthansa - Lufthansa Airlines is the second largest airline service provider in Europe, in terms of passenger influx every year. The flight provider is well known for providing safe and comfortable flying experiences. IT also received a 5-star airline certification by Skytrax and was awarded the Air Transport World Award as well.
British Airways - Touted as the largest airline carrier in the UK, British Airways has experienced unprecedented growth since its inception. It's been hailed as 'The World's Favourite Airline' and offers exceptional world-class services and amenities.
Thai Airways - Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand Thai Airways has focused on providing the ultimate customer satisfaction when it comes to servicing international flights. They are popular for their scheduled and chartered flights around the globe and have been a preferred choice among business-class travellers.
Malaysia Airlines - Malaysia Airlines was established on May 1st, 1947 and has its main hub at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Its subsidiaries are Firefly, MASSwings, and MASkargo and the airline is headquartered in Sepang. The airline is also a member of the Oneworld Airline Alliance and has been awarded 'The World's 5-star Airline by Skytrax' multiple times.
Air France - A popular French air carrier that services international flights around the world. It was founded on October 7th, 1933 in a merger of five airline companies. It's also ranked the largest airline in the world when it comes to operating revenue.
Exclusive LTC Flights
LTC stands for Leave Travel Concession and is a unique type of flight booking for online flights. Government employees are eligible for these flights and typically enjoy its benefits. An LTC flight involves getting a round-trip once a year to their hometown and a one-way trip to any other destination in India. These flights are funded directly by the Government and employees from the state and Central governments make these bookings every year. For booking LTC flights, if both the husband and wife are government employees one of them can avail the LTC benefits while the other has to travel as a member of the family.
If you are looking for the cheapest LTC Flights, IRCTC Air offers many options. Booking LTC flights on the platform is easy and all you have to do is click on search after checking the LTC box, along with specifying details such as the number of passengers, your preferred airline, destination, and dates. There are no discounts available for children on these tickets and travellers are requested to carry all required documents with them such as their official Government ID and family members' relevant identification documents. Our major airline carrier for LTC flights is Air India but we do have other flight carriers like Go Airlines, AirAsia, SpiceJet, and Vistara operating throughout the country. LTC flights to hometown can be availed once a year in a block of two years.
Have questions about flight schedules, refunds, or cancellation? Here are the most commonly asked questions by our customers before making bookings. We've done our best to answer them below. For any more enquiries, please get in touch with the IRCTC Air staff online.
1. What's the difference between 'transit' and 'stopover' for international flights?
Transit refers to changing planes at the airport. A stopover is where the plane stops and stays at a destination for 24 hours before taking off for another flight. Stopover flights are essentially connecting flights.
2. What are the differences between direct and indirect flights on the platform?
Direct flights are those flights that connect two destinations without having any stopovers in between. Indirect flights are flights with one or multiple stopovers and involve changing terminals or aircrafts at the stopover points.
3. How do I book domestic and international flights on IRCTC?
Booking domestic and international flights through IRCTC Air is very simple. All you have to do is visit and select the type of trip you want. There are options available for one-way trip, round trip, multi-city, and LTC. After you select the 'from' and 'to' destinations for the countries, you select the departure and return dates along with the travelling class, preferred airline, and number of travellers. After you click on search, a list of options will be shown to you which includes the number of stopovers/direct flights, flight schedules, dates, and prices.
Select whatever works for you and follow the instructions shown on the page to finalize your booking. Once you make your booking, you will receive a verification email for your flight along with the PNR number and flight details.
4. Will I get a refund if I cancel my flight booking?
When it comes to cancellations and refunds, there are a few guidelines laid down by IRCTC Air. Cancellations for international flights must be done at least 6 hours prior to the departure time. Charges of up to Rs 250 and additional costs are levied as per the cancellation policy which is mentioned on the flight tickets and vouchers. The refunds take up to 7 business days to process and an additional 4-5 working days for it to reach the customer's bank account. For bookings cancelled any later beyond the stipulated timeline, customers will have to get in touch directly with the airline provider.
5. Can I buy customized meals from the airline when making my booking?
If you are looking for on-board meals during your flights, you may have to contact the airline carrier and enquire. There are options available for customized meals and most airline carriers do their best to accommodate travellers' various dietary requirements. If you have any existing food allergies, it is best you write to the airline you're travelling with and inform them of your predicament. IRCTC cannot guarantee customized meals for all flights but we do our best to help our customers.
6. How much baggage can I carry with me?
The permissible weight for the baggage you're carrying will depend on the destination you're travelling to. Please note that additional baggage charges are levied if you exceed the permissible baggage weight. For more details on that, you can contact the airline provider you're flying with or reach out to our staff prior to making any bookings online.
7. What is the benefit of using IRCTC Air for booking domestic and international flights?
IRCTC Air presents users a simple and easy to use platform for booking cheap domestic and international flights. By booking on our platform, you can take advantage of the best prices and lowest fares. Additionally, we have many discount deals, offers, and festive flight packages on our website. These help you make the most of your travel itinerary and make travelling around the country and beyond affordable. If you are travelling on a budget, you can use the Price Filter on our platform to set your budget. This will help you view flight schedules and dates based on what you're willing to spend for travelling by air.
We also have a newly launched IRCTC Air App on Google Play that lets you book flights from your Android Smartphone completely online. The app is also available on the Apple app store. For any enquiries on your booking status or information on our offers, feel free to get in touch with us at
8. Can I choose my seats while making the booking?
Seating arrangement depends solely on the airline provider you're travelling with and as such, IRCTC Air has no control over the seating selection. If you'd like specific seats, you can contact the airline service provider directly and confirm the same. Additionally, if you're planning to carry your own food onboard, some flight providers like SpiceJet and Indigo allow their passengers to do so for economy class bookings. Not all airlines allow that so you will have to get in touch with the airline service to confirm the same.
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