Book Domestic and International flight tickets on IRCTC AIR
Online Booking of Domestic and International Flights from IRCTC Air
Travelling to distant places is no more a difficult task, IRCTC has expanded its wings in the airline sector under the flagship of IRCTC Air. Booking flight tickets has become more comfortable and straightforward. Working successfully in the field of online train tickets booking, IRCTC’s new venture on online flight tickets booking has brought more flexibility in the process of booking flights within the country as well as beyond.
IRCTC Air- A boon for travellers
People who are fond of travelling do not want to restrict their periphery within the geographical boundary of their nation. Passionate travellers go across distant places within the country and beyond the country as well. To satisfy the travelling instinct, booking appropriate flights within an affordable budget is a must criterion. Often people do not get a complete guide on which flights to book, what are the various flights available for a specific destination, list of affordable flights, and many more. IRCTC Air resolves all these issues and provides complete guidance for air travel. Be a passionate traveller or a commuter; getting cheap flight tickets is something that hovers over everyone's mind. Now, book your favourable flights online via the official website of IRCTC Air.
Guide to book online flight tickets via IRCTC air portal
Travellers do not have to face the trouble of standing in long queues in airline counters at the airport, getting confirmed tickets for their air travel. The online portal from IRCTC offers a detailed list of flights to every travel destination along with the fare details. You can now book your travel tickets by visiting the official website of IRCTC air. Login to, register yourself by providing your name and other personal details like date of birth, phone number, address, valid ID number, and email id. You can create your own IRCTC Air account by generating an appropriate user id and password on your own. A successful login to your account will lead you to the official home page of IRCTC Air.
Travellers need to enter the relevant details of their travel in the home portal. Every travel-related specification, from source to destination needs to be mentioned in the specific locations allocated on the home page. You can choose from the dropdown menu to select your travel destination. Other details like the number of passengers travelling, age of the travellers, and date of the journey, should be mentioned in the specified locations. Based on your provided specifications, IRCTC will provide the list of all the flights that are to be scheduled on that date. You can check the flight ticket availability from the list provided at the portal.
Flights at affordable travel fares.
IRCTC Air aims to provide a list of flights that are affordable by an average economic class. Passengers travelling through economic class can book cheap flight tickets from the online portal of IRCTC Air. Do not worry about the budget. Mention your details, IRCTC will hunt for a range of available flights at a cheap and affordable budget.
Online flight ticket booking services of IRCTC are not just restricted within its domestic flight services. Instead, we provide services for international flights as well. IRCTC offers flight ticket reservations for several destinations in India which includes some of the major cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Indore, and Kolkata. Travellers can enquire about all the flights that are available on a particular date of journey as per their specifications. IRCTC provides the list of all the flights scheduled on that specific date. Several flight tickets are available at a wide range of travel fare. Travellers can book cheap airline tickets as per their budget satisfaction.
IRCTC Air provides online tickets for international flights as well. Travellers can now book flight tickets for several international destinations such as California, New Jersey, Texas, New York, Washington, Illinois, Virginia, and the USA. Travelling to European and Asian countries like Japan, Philippines, United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, and France has become simpler via the online international ticket booking facility of IRCTC. Similar to domestic destinations, flight ticket reservations for international destinations, require all the details of the traveller along with some other valuable information relevant for travelling abroad. Additional info for travelling abroad is required as per the country's international norms.
Travelling with kids and Senior Citizens
Travelling with kids means you need to enter more details to the IRCTC portal. Mention the number of kids going, name, and age of individual kids along with any health issues associated with air travel. For kids and senior citizens, IRCTC charges half the travel fare of an adult passenger. All scanned copies of the necessary documents that contain the relevant information about the age of the kids and senior citizens need to be uploaded in the online portal of IRCTC Air. In case of any medical constrictions, relevant medical papers are required to be uploaded on the specific page as proof to avail specialized medical facilities of the airlines during travel. For international travellers, some more details are required, depending on which IRCTC Air computer system will generate the list of available flights on the specific date of the journey that caters to all the specifications of the traveller.
Opportunity to choose your preferred seat
Online booking of flight tickets via IRCTC Air portal means customizing the travel according to your own needs. IRCTC offers a range of options to ensure that your travel with the airline remains a comfortable and memorable air journey. Travellers not only get the opportunity to book cheap flight tickets but are also able to customize their itinerary as per their convenience. A page for choosing your preferred seat pops up after selecting the flight in which you wish to travel. The popped up page contains the image of the seating arrangement in the airbus particular to the plane chosen by the traveller. You can select your preferred seat by clicking on the specific place presented by the image.
Usually, passengers have an obsession for sitting in the window-side seats to enjoy the splendid view of travelling over lands and ocean. Going in the daytime is like an adventure for all fascinating passengers. They enjoy the majestic view of gliding between the layer of clouds and viewing the beautiful landscape scenario several meters below. All these fascinations can only be fulfilled if one gets the opportunity to sit in the window side seat. Booking online flight tickets through the IRCTC Air portal gives you the chance to select your desired seats in advance. To make available this facility, IRCTC Air charges a minimum cost against the reservation of the chosen place during the specified travel date and journey. Now make your journey more comfortable by sitting on your favourite window-side bench and enjoy the picturesque view outside the window panel.
Even for people who want to book a last-minute flight within a cheapest air ticket range, IRCTC Air is the perfect destination. IRCTC Air along with providing an affordable air ticket booking facility for the users, also has a well efficient and passionate team. IRCTC Air cheap booking facility has enhanced an innovative flight search, and offers personalized options. The new and enhanced team of IRCTC Air is responsible for bringing down the air ticket prices to an incredible margin. The world air ticket rate has increased to an unwanted rising in the present scenario. The cheap air ticket online booking facility by IRCTC Air also ensures families get air tickets for memorable holiday trips.
Special offers on festival seasons.
IRCTC Air provides special discount offers on selected airlines during peak seasons. During festivals and other similar occasions, the craze for booking flights reaches its peak. In such situations, the ticket availability of flights decreases, followed by the massive hike in flight ticket fares.
Festive seasons witness the homecoming of all the people from distant places to their hometown. It is the time when every individual wishes to spend quality time with their family, friends and enjoy the flavour of the festival with their loved ones. People all over the world want to get united with their families in distant homelands. As a result, everyone books flight tickets to return to their native place. Online booking of flight tickets through IRCTC Air enables travellers to get rid of this situation. IRCTC Air offers special discounts on specific flight fares to ensure that their customers enjoy the festival in their hometown.
Get insurance for your air travel.
Flight journeys are often associated with the risk of meeting with any kind of accidents during air travel. In recent days, passengers are least afraid about aircraft accidents since globalization has triggered the frequency of travelling across the world among travellers. Be it for vacation or work, people are always on the move to visit several places around the globe. This has enhanced the growth in booking flight tickets. IRCTC Air plays a responsible part in securing the life of individual passengers. Online booking of flight tickets via IRCTC Air enables travellers to achieve their lifelong goal of air travel by providing them with cheap tickets and insurance.
To get your travel insured, you need to spend a bit extra at the IRCTC Air portal. The details of your travel insurance will be mentioned on the air tickets. Hence, do not worry about meeting with any kind of unfortunate accidents. The travel insurance policy of IRCTC Air assures your travel to be safe and secure.
Enjoy an exciting range of food while flying
Travelling is nothing without food. Whether you go for a long drive or on long train journeys, food is the main companion of every traveller. Air travel is no less than any adventurous journey, which can be made even more exciting with good food. Meals are served in more or less every flight, be it domestic or international. Food is an integral part of all the flight journeys. Online booking of flight tickets enables travellers to choose among a wide range of food combos at exciting price offers to add more spice to their trip. From Indian to continental, Italian to Chinese, IRCTC provides a wide range of cuisines to enjoy the rich taste and delicacy of your favourite meals during your flight journeys. You can also book your favourite snacks that you wish to enjoy during your air travel. IRCTC Air provides you with the opportunity to book your meals and snacks in advance while booking your flight tickets. You need to pay extra for food to enjoy your favourite cuisine on board.
For corporate travellers, online booking of flights via IRCTC air website portal provides unique food combos at free of cost to enjoy during flight journeys.
Safe payment gateways for online tickets booking
Payment for online booking of flight tickets via IRCTC Air is secure and straightforward. All the refunds of flight tickets are to be paid online via Internet Banking, Credit Cards, or Debit cards. You can also pay via other transaction modes like Paytm or Google Pay. IRCTC Air portal proceeds all the payment transactions via simple and secure payment gateways to ensure that all the transaction details of individual travellers are safe.
Thus, travelling via flights has become more comfortable with IRCTC Air services. Travellers can book cheap flight tickets and avail exclusive offers provided by IRCTC Air. Booking flight tickets is no more a hassle, and you can book your favourable destination flights at your affordable budget by just a single click, sitting on your couch at home.
1. How do I book flight tickets online?
Answer: Log in to the official website and register your details to book your flights.
2. Are our online flight tickets too expensive?
Answer: IRCTC Air provides cheap flight tickets for all economic class travellers.
3. Does online flight booking provide us with the opportunity to select our preferred seat in advance?
Answer: Yes, IRCTC Air offers advance seat booking while booking flight tickets online.
4. Does IRCTC Air offer discounts on flight tickets?
Answer: Yes, IRCTC Air offers special discounts on flight tickets during peak seasons.
5. Is online payment for flight tickets safe?
Answer: IRCTC Air provides a safe gateway for all online booking of flight tickets.
6. Does IRCTC Air offer travel insurance?
Answer: Yes, IRCTC offers travel insurance for all travellers at extra charges.
7. Does IRCTC Air provide food combos for flight journeys?
Answer: Yes, IRCTC Air provides an exciting range of food combos.
8. Is there any special offer for kids?
Answer: Yes, IRCTC Air does not charge any money for kids below 12 years of age.
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