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Travelling is fun but planning it out and looking for affordable air tickets can be stressful. If you are planning to visit Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand then IRCTC Air is here if you are looking to book an air ticket for Ranchi within your budget.

Ranchi is famous for waterfalls and enchanting forests and hills. The inexplicably heart-warming and adventurous city. We have picked a few places worth exploring.

Places to visit in Ranchi

Book your air tickets with IRCTC Air

If you are thinking about why to use IRCTC Air to book flight tickets then we have the following reasons:

Lowest convenience fee

Do you end up paying a high convenience fee while booking an air ticket online?

Enjoy the lowest convenience fee of ₹59/-. IRCTC air offers the lowest convenience fee and no random fee will be charged. The best part is that if you want to book one-way, round-trip or multi-city tickets the cost remains the same. For example, if you want to book a round trip from Ranchi to Nagpur, you can check a flight from Ranchi to Nagpur and an air ticket from Nagpur to Ranchi. When you book your tickets your convenience fee remains the same.

Furthermore, if you want to travel multi-cities, for e.g., book a flight from Patna to Ranchi and a flight from Ranchi to Bhopal, the convenience fee remains the same.

Free travel insurance worth 50 lakhs

The IRCTC Air offers free travel insurance to its users of up to ₹50 lakhs. Whether you are booking a domestic or international flight. Whether you are booking an air ticket from Chandigarh to Ranchi or an air ticket from Andal to Ranchi or an international air ticket from Ranchi. No matter which travel class you choose (economy, business, premium economy). We offer travel insurance to our users.

Yes, you read that right!

Filtered Searches

Planning for a trip is stressful. You are shortlisting places to visit, finding hotels, looking for budget-friendly air tickets, etc.

With IRCTC Air, air ticket booking shouldn’t be time-consuming. On the other hand, it is your one-stop solution platform to find the best deals on air tickets.

For e.g. you are planning a trip from Patna to Ranchi. If you want to check Patna to Ranchi air ticket price and Ranchi to Patna air ticket price.  Use the ‘filter’ option to find the cheapest air ticket from Patna to Ranchi and vice versa if you are planning a round trip.

Some of the major circuits that users search for are Ranchi to Bhubaneswar flight rate, Ranchi to Chandigarh flight rate, air ticket fare Ranchi to Nagpur, Ranchi to Jammu air ticket price, etc. You can find the best possible low-fare air tickets. Book smart, and save time and money on booking air tickets with IRCTC Air.

You can choose a particular price range as per your budget and choose from the list displayed on the screen. Isn’t that exciting?

No hidden charges

Usually, it spoils the travel excitement for the trip when you receive the surprise of paying more while checking out. IRCTC Air offers a seamless and transparent transaction with no additional/hidden cost involved. You pay what is displayed to you.

LTC claims

Make LTC claims for your holiday tours at ease. Avail the special fare under the “LTC” tab. To make the process easy for government employees just visit and select ‘LTC’ while booking cheap air tickets

Multi-city booking

Planning to take a long trip and visit various cities? Multi-city booking is the best way to plan your trip. For instance, if you want to visit from Port Blair to Ranchi, then book a flight from Ranchi to Guwahati and so on. Just select the ‘multi-city’ tab to start with your flight bookings.

Multi-payment options

Pay with the mode of payment you are the most comfortable with.

Enjoy multiple modes of payments like BHIM, UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, e-wallet, etc.

24x7 customer support

In case of any queries or issues related to the transaction process, transaction issue, air ticket booking, etc., feel free to reach our customer support team.

Special Bank Offers

If you are an IRCTC Air user, then the benefits just don’t stop. While you book tickets on IRCTC Air, then you can avail special fares with Vistara. Not only this, but you can also get a 5% value back on booking with IRCTC SBI Card Premier. So, why go elsewhere? Choose IRCTC Air for all your flight ticketing needs and save big every time. Ready to travel smart with IRCTC Air? Here’s how you can book your flight tickets without any hassle.

How to book with IRCTC Air

Follow the simple steps for air ticket booking to Ranchi

  1. Visit IRCTC Air website or download the App from Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Select the type of trip, and enter departure and arrival destinations. Select the date as per your travel plans. For instance, if you want to book an air ticket from Dehradun to Ranchi, insert Dehradun as departure and Ranchi as your destination of arrival.
  3. Enter the number of passengers and travel class whether economy, business or, premium economy.
  4. Choose your preferred airlines from the list.
  5. You can modify using the ‘More Filter’ tab as per your preference to find the best flight that suits your budget.
  6. After selecting your preferred flight, click on it to confirm your bookings.
  7. As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive booking confirmations on your registered number and email.


There are several airlines you can find that offer direct air ticket booking to Ranchi i.e., Indigo, Go First, Air Asia, Air India, Vistara depending on where you board the flight.

You can easily board a direct flight to Ranchi from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Lucknow, etc. Just visit IRCTC Air portal or use App to search for the direct flights to Ranchi. You will get ample options to choose from.

There are over 30 flights that fly from Patna to Ranchi every day which include Vistara, Go First, Indigo, Air India, etc. You have plenty of options to choose and select the best flight that is suitable to your budget. Subsequently, as per your travel plans select the airlines that you prefer within a few clicks. You can easily book your air tickets online with us.

Air India and Indigo fly frequently.  The cheapest air tickets from Ranchi to Bhopal start from ₹10,000/- onwards. There are several flights daily that you can easily book from.

Air India and Vistara are quite popular airlines. Usually, passengers worry about the Raipur to Ranchi flight time of boarding. The timings are very comfortable to board the flight. You can easily book a morning flight, afternoon, or at night as per your comfort.

The lowest air ticket from Ranchi to Guwahati starts from ₹7000/- that you can find in the next 30 days.

There are several flights that you can find on the IRCTC Air portal that suit your budget. The cheapest fare that you can get starts from ₹9000/-from Ranchi to Jammu.

Indigo is the cheapest airline that flies on this route. Air India and Vistara are also preferred flights on this route but are not as cheap as Indigo.

You can find the lowest possible air ticket starting from only ₹8000/-

Besides the lowest airfare. IRCTC Air offers free travel insurance of up to ₹50 lacs. It also offers the lowest convenience fee with 24X7 customer support. Read more on the IRCTC Air portal.

The best and the lowest airfare from Ranchi to Bhubaneswar starts from ₹6300/-. You can find the cheapest flights available in the 90 & 365 days only on the IRCTC Air portal/App.

The Insurance charge can be claimed at zero cost not just from Ranchi to Chandigarh but for anywhere you book the tickets. IRCTC Air offers free travel insurance to its users. Isn’t that great!

Unfortunately, there are no flights. But you can book a flight from Kolkata to Ranchi directly starting at just ₹3242/-.

Get the cheapest airline only on IRCTC Air. Indigo offers the cheapest air ticket starting from ₹4500/- only. Book your tickets now!

The lowest airfare from Ranchi to Leh in the coming week starts from ₹16000/-. If you want cheaper rates, you can get the air tickets for around ₹9400/- only if you plan in advance (at least 2 weeks in advance).

IRCTC Air is an IATA-certified website that compiles the lowest possible airfares. Book your tickets now and get free travel insurance of up to 50 lacs.

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